Kitchen Renovations

Experienced Renovators:

  • Achieve the design and layout that is right for you
  • Improve the functionality of your kitchen
  • Get the right appliances, such as natural gas, electric, or a combination of both
  • Design unique storage options
  • Choose the right materials and finishes
  • Update and improve electrical and plumbing systems
  • Enhance visibility through the use of larger windows, skylights and work station lighting

What do we offer?

  • Award winning design team to maximize efficiency levels and offer state of the art modernization for any space. 
  • OTG Renovations use real time builder’s software to effectively track the work at all times.
  • OTG Renovations strongly believes that the correct ratio of time, quality workmanship and fair pricing add up to the insurance of best possible value.
  • From new cabinets, countertops or a completely new kitchen from top to bottom, OTG Renovations has the most professional team available in the Winnipeg Market.

with Us.

Whatever your renovation needs are, OTG Renovations General Contractors are professionally trained and certified, reputable general contractors available for your complete renovation needs.

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